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Most gifts go to just one person. Give someone a Gift from Allards Healthcare today, and you make the whole world a better place.
Your friend or loved one will receive an acknowledgment of your gift.
These are gifts of empowerment and hope.

How it Works

The purchase of each gift item is a contribution towards Allards Healthcare’s many programs, not a donation to a specific project or goal. Your gift purchased amount will be used where it is needed the most–to help people living in poverty throughout the world by providing Moringa plantation materials (seeds, Plants, etc.), know-how, Biogas Plant (Supply and installation), and much more.

What you really need to know of Buying a Gift:

  1. You purchase a Gift item selecting a product of your choice which might be the need of your relative/friend; with the mailing/shipping details of theirs by clicking the BUY NOW button.
  2. The payment checkout will be handled by PayPal. You can open a PayPal account, free of cost and easy.
  3. The PRODUCT GIFT goes to your friend/relative, as selected.
  4. The PROFITS goes to those who need it most.

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