Why Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals should never be used

Did you know that there have been certain studies to show that the use of synthetic vitamins and minerals may CAUSE natural deficiencies rather than provide nutritional benefits?  Or that prolonged use of synthetic vitamins and minerals can imitate the harmful actions of drug use?

Our body has been programmed for millions of years to ingest our vitamins and minerals through plant and food. Synthetic

vitamins and minerals will never have the capacity to duplicate the beneficial effects of naturally sourced vitamins and minerals from whole foods. The reason for this being that all whole foods have an abundance of nutrients working synergistically with each other which simply cannot be achieved in a laboratory.

Did you know that regulations in the United States don’t require a “country of origin” label? This means that you cannot know for sure where your vitamins are made and if there are quality ingredients being used. Did you know that China is the producer of 90% of synthetic Vitamin C to the USA? And we all know how regulations in China are….

But let’s face it, who can really get all the nutritional benefits from whole foods they need in one day? That’s the argument for synthetics, right? WRONG. Moringa leaf powder is densely concentrated in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants & anti- bacterial/inflammatory/fungal properties and more, all working synergistically, working naturally in our bodies.

SO….know your labels people. Synthetic Vitamins made with yeast pills INJECTED with chemicals to achieve any vitamin presence can be labeled “natural” under FDA regulations because of the yeast content.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy and remember everyone – Whole foods are the whole truth.

Source: Villafuerte, Luis. “Moringa- Malunggay Philippines”. Apple of Gold publishing, 2009.